Ready to earn cash for sourcing candidates? With Visage, you will be paid a bounty fee of $1 for submitting every qualified candidate. You can work when you want, where you want and can earn great money, paid to you each week.

What’s cool about Visage:

  • No need to contact candidates

  • No waiting for placements to make money

  • Learn and share your expertise with an international and growing sourcing community

What’s next?

Before you get full access and get paid for your submissions, you will need to take the following steps:

Sign-up and take the sourcing trial

To sign up, you just need to click on and select "Login with LinkedIn". Then follow the steps as dictated on the website.

  • Please make sure that when you sign up into Visage, your primary email on LinkedIn is a personal address or one in which you feel comfortable receiving all our future communications. (If your primary email address on LinkedIn is your work email address then please note that all communication from us will be sent to that address)

Pick any jobs you feel comfortable with. You need to submit 10 profiles in total. This is the time to impress and show us what you can do. There will be no time limit and we are open to submissions across any platform that provides public information: LinkedIn, job boards, Google, etc.

How to submit your first candidate? Watch this video or check out this written guideline.

Pro Tip: Do NOT submit "empty" profiles or candidates without a job description. These are automatically rejected due to the reason that the profile is not detailed enough to be qualified for the job.

For more tips check these:

Grading your performance

Upon submitting your candidates, our internal QA Team will review each of them. To pass the trial, 8 out of 10 submissions need to be accepted. The QA Team will have your results within 48-hours of completing the trial.

Passing the trial

When your performance review is complete our Talent Hunting team will reach out to you and let you know about your results. If you achieve a score of 80% of approved profiles then congratulations, you have passed the trial and we will move forward to the next part of the process, inviting you to our live Onboarding Webinar.

Once you complete the onboarding webinar and join our community you will receive a $15 bonus which will be deposited on your first payout! 🎉

Get Onboard!

From now on, you will be paid $1 for each candidate submitted (provided our AI has approved it) and will be expected to continue submitting candidates of the highest quality. We will monitor your performance on a weekly basis and will review the quality of your candidates, through the acceptance and disqualification rates.

We look forward to welcoming you to our global community!

Some other common questions about the trial:

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