During your first few weeks as a new Community Sourcer, we will work with you to ensure your performance arrives at the expected level. Once achieved, you will be expected to maintain these levels throughout.

When a client reviews your submissions, they are given the choice to either contact the candidate, save the profile until later on or disqualify the candidate.

When they choose to disqualify (let’s call it DQ), three options are presented:

  • Already Connected (this won't affect your performance, and will be a red dot followed by an X)

  • Not Quite Right (NQR, this will affect your performance, and will be a red dot)

  • Totally Irrelevant (TI, this will affect your performance, and will be a black dot)

How the client grades your submissions will affect your weekly DQ rates. You will only be penalized for DQs deemed by the client to be Not Quite Right (NQR) or Totally Irrelevant (TI).

You can view your profile grading in the submission page of the dashboard.

Key Metrics:

You will be expected to keep your disqualification (DQs) rates below for the following levels:

  • Not Quite Right: below 20%

  • Totally Irrelevant: below 3.5%

This metric is calculated considering the N° of reviewed profiles vs N° of Not Quite Right (NQR) and N° of Totally Irrelevant (TI):

For example, if you submitted 150 profiles during the week, but the client only reviewed 100, and you received 30 NQR and 3 TI, your performance result for the week will be 30% NQR and 3% TI.

The exact formula is N° TI ÷ N° reviewed and N° NQR ÷ N° reviewed.

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