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How to submit your first profile
How to submit your first profile

How to submit your first profile on trial

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To ensure a smooth start to your trial, we highly advise reading this article detailing how to upload profiles/resumes to the platform.

If you are unsure about the terms of the trial, check out this page.

How it works

1. Start by selecting a job of interest from the Open Jobs list on the platform.

2. Carefully review the job description, focusing on the role's hard skill requirements. Identify elements such as sourcing location, years of experience, and the must-have section.

Check out the sourcing tips page for submitting the best profiles.

3. Secure the role by clicking the Claim Job in the upper corner of the page. This action reserves the position for you and grants access to profile submissions.

4. Upload the profiles/resumes you've sourced directly from your computer. Drag and drop them onto the job page or use the yellow circular button at the screen's top right.

5. Once loaded, the profiles will be automatically parsed by the system, finding the contact details and auto-filling the necessary information. Verify the accuracy and provide any essential details that might be missing.

  • Typically, our platform finds candidate email addresses automatically. If the platform can't fetch an email, you'll need to find it manually. For assistance in locating candidate emails, here are the top tools we recommend.

6. Finalize your candidate submission by tapping ADD at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 when submitting your next candidate

7. To switch to another role, simply click on the Release Job button. Then, navigate back to the JOBS tab to choose your next one.


  • Simultaneous work on multiple roles isn't possible. To switch roles, release the initial job using the Release Job button.

  • Upon completing the 10 submissions required during your trial, role selection and profile uploads will be restricted.

  • Expect our response with your trial results within 48 hours of trial completion.

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