In order to pass the trial, you need to achieve 8 approved profiles out of 10. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. Only work jobs you are comfortable with.

  2. Do not stray from the hard skills requirements.

  3. Only source candidates who have been working in their current position for at least 1 year (do not submit anyone who has less than 1 year in their current role)

  4. Please source candidates with an appropriate level of experience. For instance, for a Recruiter position, avoid sourcing Senior Recruiters. For a Legal Assistant, avoid sourcing Lawyers. Also, unless the role is for a related senior position, avoid sourcing Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Owners, Principals, etc.

  5. Avoid sourcing candidates who are consultants, unless the position is for a Consultant.

  6. Do not submit freelancer profiles.

  7. Make sure the profiles you submit match ALL the job's must-haves (seniority, years of experience, and all the skills listed).

  8. Make sure the candidate is at the required location. Always double-check that the location mentioned in the profile headline and in the current job of the profile is the same and that it aligns with what is required in the "location to source from" in the app.

  9. Do NOT submit "empty" profiles or candidates without a job summary/description. These are usually rejected due to the reason that the profile is not detailed enough to be qualified for the job.

  10. Do not submit candidates who tend to change jobs every few months (job hoppers).

  11. Before you start your search, make sure you read and understand everything that is written on the job posting including the job description.

  12. Take the time to do a little research on the role if you feel it is necessary. If the role requires a skill or a tool that you are not familiar with, then please look it up. Always try to have as much information as possible, this will increase your chances of a successful batch of sourcing

  13. Contact our Talent Hunting team if unsure about the requirements or have any problems with your submissions.

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