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Who reviews my trial submissions?
Who reviews my trial submissions?

Submission Review

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During your trial, the profiles that you submit are assessed as follows:

  1. Automatically using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for the "simplest" task like eliminating duplicates, making sure the submission is correct and the simple criteria are matched, like years of experience or location.

  2. Manually, our QA team will approve or disqualify the profiles, depending on whether it is a good or bad fit for the position, based on the requirements.

Please note

Once you become a member of our community, the client will be the one doing the second step or the manual review.

As a Community Sourcer, you will be expected to submit the highest quality profiles, completely in line with the requirements of the job. Regular checks are carried out on submissions and in the case of high DQ rates due to badly fitting profiles, further analysis will take place.

Check this article for more detailed information on our performance review and quality control process: Ground Rules and Key Metrics

Regarding our AI

The most common AI Rejections are the follows:

  • Years of experience is more than or less than the set limit - Which means you've tried submitting a candidate that does not match the job postings Years of Experience criteria

  • Location mismatch - This means you've tried submitting a candidate that has a different location to the job

  • Profile recent experience doesn't fall within this job role or domain - You've tried submitting a candidate that is outside the Job Title listed on the job posting

  • Blacklisted companies - You have tried submitting a candidate who currently works at a Blacklist company

  • Duplicate Submission - This candidate has already been submitted to the job you are working on

To avoid AI rejections we strongly recommend you to carefully read all the requirements and information in the job posting. Make sure that your search is fully aligned with the requirements and that the candidates meet them.

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