Method and criteria - How does it work?

Once you become an official member of our community, meaning that you have passed the sourcing trial and attended our onboarding webinar, we will start paying you weekly following these criteria:

  • You will be paid $1 for every candidate you submit that is approved by our AI.

    • Also, each week, we will be reviewing your performance to ensure you are submitting quality profiles. This will focus on your client's acceptance and disqualification rates. Please read up on the performance system.

  • Your bounty will be totaled up on a weekly basis (00:00 UTC Monday - 23:59 UTC Sunday) and you can expect your payment to be paid to you on the following Wednesday.

    • You can track the total bounty fee each week on your dashboard.

  • You’ll receive the payment through our trusted partner, Payoneer.

    • Payoneer is an industry leader in international payments. They prioritize your security and ensure that we make safe online money transfers to our community.

    • If you haven't set up your Payoneer account yet, follow this guide: How to set up a Payoneer account

What do you need to do?

Before you are able to get started as a paid Freelance Sourcer, you will need to take the following steps:

1. Take the Visage trial

Source on different roles and submit a total of 10 profiles. This is the time to impress and show us what you can do. There will be no time limit and we are open to submissions across LI, job boards, or personal networks.

2. Attend our Onboarding Webinar

After attending the onboarding session the team will activate your Visage account and you will be able to start working and earning money.

3. Confirm your payment method

Once your Visage account is active. Read this article carefully and follow each of the steps to set up your account.

Visage Payment Rules

  1. When you create a Payoneer account make sure you use the same email ID you used when you signed up to the Visage Sourcer App. Should you have an old Payoneer account with a different email address to the one you used for Visage please let Alexandra Tobias (Community Manager) know ASAP.

  2. It is not possible for us to pay 2 users on the same Payoneer account, every user needs to have an individual account with their own personal data.

  3. Add the exact first name and last name from your ID on your Payoneer account and all the details required like your address. Many of our users encountered an issue when the details from their ID and Payoneer did not match and it took more time for Payoneer to approve their accounts.

  4. The same applies to your bank details, please also add your details, making sure they match exactly the details provided to you by your bank. If you have multiple bank accounts, make sure to designate a default account for withdrawal.

  5. Payoneer has a minimum limit of $4 which means if your bounty total is less than $4, we will not be able to process the payment in that current week. If this happens we will save the amount and add it to your next week's payment

    1. We cannot keep track if you had multiple weeks with a lower bounty than $4 (for example if in week one from June you had $1, week 2 - $3, and week 3 - $2)

    2. The one time we can refund you the bounty that is less than $4, is if you had in Week 1 - 2$ and in week 2 you had for example $20 bounty, I will add that 2 + 20 = $22

  6. Payoneer has a withdrawal limit of $50 which means you cannot withdraw anything less than $50 from Payoneer to your bank account. The withdrawal limit might differ in every country.

  7. If it happens that you are active on Visage and your Payoneer account is not yet approved by the time we do the payments, don't worry Alexandra Tobias (Community Manager) will make sure to reach out to you on Workplace and add a note in our payment sheet and as soon as your account is verified, this amount will be added to the following week's payment.

  8. Constantly check your verification center from the Payoneer page to know if you are missing any task to be completed.

Remember that all the steps to create an account are explained in this article: How to set up a Payoneer account.

Are you based in Venezuela? Make sure you read the article below carefully to create your Payoneer account.

Learn more about Payoneer policies and how to get my account approved

If you have any questions about payments or Payoneer, feel free to reach out to us on Workplace or contact our Community Manager, Alexandra Tobias, by email:!

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