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Payoneer policies and how to get my account approved
Payoneer policies and how to get my account approved
Not sure how to submit a document at the Payoneer verification center, or what kind of documents are valid? Read more below.
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Account approval

Once your registration is ready, you can submit your documents by following the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Payoneer account.

  2. Go to Settings and then select Verification Center.

  3. Select the relevant requirement you are being asked to submit from the displayed list:

    1. Passport ID: We recommend taking a color picture of the document with your smartphone. Please make sure the document is complete (should be full size), document is not cropped, and the image is of high quality, sure the flash is not covering information on the document.

    2. GLPS questionnaire: this information to better understand the nature of your business.

    3. Select the category that best describes the Job services that you’ll be getting paid for: in the “Business category” add “HR Services”.

    4. Provide the URL to your Company web or your LinkedIn profile.

    5. Proof of Residence

    6. Upload the required file and click Submit.

Proof of residence

A POR should contain your name and the exact address you used when registering to Payoneer.

Payoneer will accept the following documents as proof of residence:

– Bank statement - A bank statement, no older than three months. Note that credit card statements will not be accepted, even if issued by the same bank.

– Rental agreement - A complete and signed rental agreement including the date of the tenancy agreement (more than 3 months).

– Utility bill - A utility bill (gas, water, electricity, landline phone, internet, or cable bills are acceptable) that is no older than three months.

Important note:

  • Add the exact first name and last name from your ID on your Payoneer sign-up and all the details required like address and bank details. All data needs to correspond and if not it will take a longer time to get your account approved by Payoneer.

Before submitting make sure you read:

After you click Submit, you should see this page and wait for the email notification with the status of your Payoneer account.

This is how your Verification Center page will look on your account, you will see the status of each task you have to complete.

When your account is approved and all is set you should receive the following email:

More things to know

Payoneer Debit MasterCard

After you get paid more than 100 USD in your balance you turn eligible to acquire the MasterCard in USD, EUR, or GBP.

  • Make purchases anywhere in the world that Mastercard® is accepted and use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs, purchase goods online or buy in-store.

  • Use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs: ATM Localizator

  • You can buy Cryptocurrencies with your MasterCard in Binance, eToro,, and more.

If you have any questions about payments or Payoneer, feel free to reach out!

Withdrawals in local currency

From a Payoneer balance of a different currency.

You can withdraw funds to bank accounts in most currencies and enjoy competitive rates from Payoneer.

  • It generally takes 2-5 business days for the funds to reach your bank account after you receive the confirmation email. Learn more

  • Fee | 2% of transaction amount

Note: Bank processing fees, landing fees, or other intermediary fees may be deducted from the withdrawn amount by your bank or any other payment provider not directly associated with Payoneer.

The exchange rate that Payoneer uses is a wholesale fx.

From a Payoneer balance of a different currency

For the users based in Venezuela

  • If you create the account with the option to withdraw to your bank account, you need to make sure your bank account is an international one (this country has a restriction due to regulatory reasons, any payee from Venezuela can still apply but a bank account from that country is not allowed, therefore either choosing a different payment method, or another payment processor is the solution)

  • You can also request a prepaid card from Payoneer.

  • For more How-To, check out this How-To Videos page from the Payoneer website.

Remember that all the steps to create an account are explained in this article: How to set up a Payoneer account.

And check out this article to know more about the Visage payment rules and process of payment.

If you have any questions about payments or Payoneer, feel free to reach out to us on Workplace or contact our Community Manager, Alexandra Tobias, by email:!

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