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The Settings Guide
The Settings Guide

Instructions for users and admins on how to manage your Visage account

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The Subscription page allows you to

  • see the number of Crowd profiles you have remaining.

  • see whether or not you have a Platform subscription, which allows you and your team to upload your own profiles and contact them via Visage.

  • (as admin user) invite teammates and manage who has access to the account.

About you

Visage is a collaborative tool, and we encourage you to keep your profile updated to have an optimized team experience. Your photo is only visible to your teammates and our Visage community sourcers.

  • Name

  • Company

  • Email

  • Password

  • Profile photo


List the companies the Visage community should avoid sourcing profiles from. It will auto-populate with your current company. The benefit is this list will apply to every job you post, so you only need to fill it out once!


Customize your Visage email signature to match your company email. That way, when you contact a sourced profile it will appear seamless.

You’ll also want to verify the sender email address to contact profiles sourced via Visage from your company email. This is accomplished with a quick DNS integration and greatly improves the delivery and open rates of your emails. Click here for the guide to send your IT team.

The benefit? Only one person on your team needs to go through the verification process. Once it’s completed it’s validated for your whole team.

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