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Navigating Visage
Navigating Visage

How to browse and search your Visage dashboard.

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Use the left navigation menu to navigate easily access:

  1. Home page

  2. Candidate search

  3. Settings

The home page, is what you'll see when you login, and can be accessed from anywhere in the app by clicking the home icon. You'll find an overview of which jobs have unread chat messages, ongoing sourcing requests, and profiles pending review to help you prioritize which jobs need your attention first post jobs.

Toggle from My jobs to All jobs to collaborate with your team.

The search icon takes you to the Candidate Search Bar. This is the fastest way to check on the status of a candidate. You can type in a candidate name or email to find their information on the job that they are associated with.

Navigate to your Settings page to view your subscription information, upload a profile photo, edit company information, and customize your email signature!

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