Visage Glossary

Here's a guide to Visage terminology.

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The user who has the ability to add or remove teammates and configure the email address settings for the account. Every account has exactly one admin.

Job Owner

The user who posts the job on Visage.


The user who sends the candidate outreach emails and receive their responses. The Sender can be configured during and after posting a job. It can be the same person as the Job Owner or a different user.


A passive candidate sourced by Visage or your team. Visit our article "How do Profiles Work?" to learn more about profiles and your monthly subscriptions.

Interested lead

A profile contacted via Visage that has responded to your email outreach and expressed interest in the position.


A Visage subscription type that allows you to source, upload and contact your own profiles on Visage.


A Visage subscription type that allows you to receive profiles from Visage Crowd Sourcers when you post a job.

Visage Crowd Sourcer

A member of the Visage community. When you request sourcing, Visage Crowd Sourcers are matched to jobs by area of expertise.

Calibration batch

The first 10 profiles provided when you request Crowd Sourcing for a job. While Visage typically provides 20 Crowd profiles per sourcing request, your calibration batch will only be 10 profiles. We use this calibration batch to ensure our sourcing community is heading in the right direction. After reviewing, please adjust your requirements and provide our community so that we may continue delivering high quality profiles or improve if needed.

Benchmark profile

A resume or LinkedIn profile with the experience and qualifications you would like the Visage sourcers to focus on.

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