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Objectives and Funnel Predictions
Objectives and Funnel Predictions

How Visage uses AI to predict the candidate funnel needed to meet your hiring goals.

Written by Rebekah Trimble
Updated over a week ago

We know receiving a new requisition from your hiring manager can be overwhelming, and sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. Visage helps you prepare by estimating how much sourcing effort is needed for each job and an estimated number of interviews needed to find the right candidate.

What are Objectives?

Objectives are your hiring goals for the job. Tell us if you will hire once and close the position, or if you need to make continuous hires for this job in the coming months.

What are Predictions?

Visage predicts how much effort is needed at each stage of the funnel in order to meet your job objectives.

Our prediction model accounts for:

  1. Similar jobs posted on Visage in the past

  2. Job details (seniority, locations, function, industry)

  3. Reply and lead rates of your team

  4. Candidate contact rates of the entire community

  5. Recruitment yield ratios (industry standards)

Our AI is constantly learning and improving. The best way to improve the accuracy of your predictions is to post jobs, source profiles, and tell us when you have candidates in the interview and hire stages by moving them to the correct status in the app!

If your predictions look off, let us know by reaching out to support through the button on the bottom right corner of this screen! This will help improve our model.

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