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Introduction to Visage
Introduction to Visage

An overview of our methodology.

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Visage is a revolutionary recruitment experience that combines a team of 4,000 world class crowd sourcers, unique AI algorithms, and automated candidate outreach to deliver you high quality candidates within 24 hours.

We’re here to decrease the time spent sourcing passive candidates and turning them into warm leads so that you can focus on moving candidates through the hiring process!

Source candidates with Visage in 4 easy steps:

1. Post a Job: Visage makes it easy to post your job. Simply input the job description, requirements, and set the sourcing location. We’ll handle the rest!

Average Time Commitment Per Job: 10 Minutes

2. Set your Objectives: Indicate the desired number of interested leads you want Visage to generate for this role, and we'll handle the sourcing and outreach until the target is reached.

Average Time Commitment Per Job: 1 minute

3. Customize Your Emails: Once you’ve posted your role, you need to customize your email templates. Remember, these candidates have not been contacted yet. You’ll need to add your personal touch and enticing information about the job!

Average Time Commitment Per Job: 5 Minutes

4. Review Your Calibration Batch: Within 24 hours, the Visage Sourcers will send you a calibration batch of 10 recommended profiles for your role based on the information provided in your job posting. Review these profiles carefully and share your feedback with the Sourcers. This step is crucial, as it must be completed before activating Autopilot. Providing feedback ensures that we source the right profiles for your positions, improving the chances of finding the right fit for your team.

Average Time Commitment per Candidate: 10 Minutes

5. Engage with Your Warm Leads: After the calibration batch is reviewed and autopilot is activated for the role, sourcing will begin according to the target you set in the objectives section. You can interact with the interested candidates directly via email to take them to the next hiring steps. To help you craft effective responses, check out the possible templates you can use by clicking here.

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