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See Which Job Needs Your Attention

Your Visage homepage will provide an overview of which jobs have unread chat messages, ongoing sourcing requests, and profiles pending review to help you prioritize which jobs need your attention first.

The Sourcing section of your job page will give you real time insight into how many profiles you have to review, and when the batch will be completed. Sourcing will automatically stop when the batch is completed. You have flexibility to review the profiles as they come in, or all at once.

Review profiles

To review profiles, click the green arrow under "New" profiles on your job page

This will open the Profile Review page where you can

  • See all profiles pending review

  • See profile details that are parsed from the profile's CV

  • Leave optional review feedback for Visage Crowd Sourcers or the sourcers on your team

  • Take action on the profiles one by one or in bulk: contact, save, discard, move to another job

  • Leave notes

For each profile, we parse and show you:

  • the source of the profile, ("Visage Crowd" or the teammate who uploaded the profile),

  • links to professional web pages and resumes,

  • summary,

  • total years of work experience,

  • all work experiences,

  • all educations,

  • skills,

  • Languages.

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