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Customize your Email Outreach
Customizing your email outreach
Customizing your email outreach
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We recommend customizing the following information to increase the response rates of your email campaign:

  • Your company name

  • Your personal email signature (name and your role title)

  • Unique information about your company (unlimited PTO, top-rated workplace for families, free lunch on Friday’s, etc.)

  • A call to action – what you would like the candidate to do (click the link to book time in your calendar for a conversation, etc.)

There is a selection of variables to choose from to make customizing your email outreach simple and fast. Visage will provide email templates, but you’ll want to personalize these emails with enticing information about the job and company.

Once you finish updating your email template, you will be able to see the preview before sending it to your candidates (see screenshot below). Once an interested candidate replies, you will receive their email directly in your inbox.

Outreach Frequency

The default email frequency is 3 emails over the course of 5 days.

The first email is sent immediately on contact, the follow up 1 email is set to 1 day and the follow up 2 email is set to 3 days.

You can easily change these settings. Visage recommends sending at least 2 emails in order to increase the open and reply rates. Remember, these profiles have not been contacted yet. You are able to adjust the cadence of the email outreach anywhere within a 30 day window.

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