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Customize your Email Outreach
Pick who to select as sender of the email outreach
Pick who to select as sender of the email outreach
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Selecting a Sender: Visage, yourself, or others

The Sender can be any active user in your account. You may want to select a Sender other than yourself if

  • You have someone supporting you on your job, and you'd like your supporter to contact candidates and receive their replies instead of you.

  • You prefer to contact candidates from another user's address such as your Hiring Manager or your team leader because you believe candidates will be more likely to open the emails and/or reply to them.

  • You are out of office for a number of days, and you'd like your colleague to engage with your candidates in the meantime.

Once you or a teammate decides to contact a candidate, the emails will be sent from and be received by the Sender's email address. The name, last name and email signature displayed in the candidate emails will be that of the Sender. Learn more about this feature here.

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