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Visage delivers the best candidates faster, and can now help you convert them into leads. Setting up the right engagement for a job is neither easy nor fast. We want to help you convert sourced profiles into interested leads with our new functionality: Contact as Visage.

How it works

When setting up engagement for your jobs you will now have the option to engage profiles as Visage.

Visage will then act as your sourcing partner and engage profiles with our own email engagement emails. All emails will be sent from a visage email address and signed as Visage.

Here is an example of an email we might send to potential candidates.

You can preview all emails in your engagement settings page in order to see if the proposed email suits your needs.

Please note that these emails will evolve as we work on improving the email content in order to optimize for conversions.

When to use Contact as Visage

We recommend you leverage Contact as Visage in the following use cases:

  • You want to save time setting up engagement on your jobs

  • You want to source anonymously to protect your employer brand

  • You don't have a dedicated in-house sourcing team to manage passive candidate engagement

Let us do more heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on other important work.๐Ÿ’ช

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