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Autopilot Sourcing Strategy
Auto-Pilot: Your new sourcing strategy
Auto-Pilot: Your new sourcing strategy

How to change your sourcing strategy to Auto-Pilot

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Need more time in your day?

Auto-Pilot is here to help you source less, engage faster and hire smarter!

Auto-Pilot is a new feature that sources and contacts candidates on your behalf. No more reviewing contacts, requesting more batches or selecting which profiles to contact. Simply turn on Auto-Pilot and let us do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Auto-Pilot will:

  • Automatically request new profiles as needed

  • Approve or reject profiles based on the specified criteria

  • Automatically start candidate outreach to qualified candidates

  • Maintain a high caliber profile approval rating

  • Increase your ROI

You need to “set it and forget it”, and work on more pressing tasks until the interested candidates start replying straight to your inbox. You will see the results within weeks, fast-filling your talent pipeline with top tier talent.

You still need to review the calibration batch. This step is crucial as it allows us to source the right profiles for your jobs.

How Auto-Pilot works

All new jobs default to Auto-Pilot, you can turn it on for existing jobs by going to a job post and changing your sourcing strategy to Auto-Pilot.

This feature is to be activated job by job. You can choose a different sourcing strategy in case you would to try a different one.

Once the feature is activated, we do the heavy lifting!

How to review profiles before they get contacted

The prospective candidates are automatically contacted 24 hours after being sourced by Visage during business hours. You can identify the candidates who will be contacted with the paper plane icon, and can see when the contact will be contacted when hovering your cursor over the icon.

You will be able to review these sourced profiles by clicking on the profile card and discarding them, so they won’t be contacted by Visage.

How Visage ensures quality and volume on Auto-Pilot jobs

If the number of interested candidates you set in the objective section of your job is reached, Visage will automatically stop sourcing, but any remaining qualified profiles will continue receiving the email outreach.

In order to ensure quality, our experienced sourcing expert teams make sure to help you make the best of your jobs.

Our teams will quality control profiles for you manually by reviewing samples of your sourced profiles to identify potential issues and correct them before contacting starts, as well as adjusting sourcing quality for each role.

We will also monitor each and every job on Auto-Pilot in order to identify underperforming jobs and take corrective actions as soon as possible. For example, our team members might suggest updates in job requirements in order to expand the available candidate pool for your roles, or we might stop sourcing if the job is not a good fit for the Visage sourcing service. We will always communicate any changes or challenges to you.

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