In order to refine your results, we recommend that you provide feedback during sourcing. Here are a few ways in which you can provide feedback:

  1. Adjust Your Job Requirements

  2. Provide Feedback On Specific Profiles

  3. Chat With Sourcers

  4. Rate Your Last Batch of Crowd Profiles

Adjust Your Job Requirements

We know that job requirements are dynamic and change over time: a Visage job is updated on average 3.5 times after posting.

After you review some profiles, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do the majority of the profiles have the right experience?

  • Is the position offering relocation or remote flexibility for the right candidate? Is that reflected in the sourcing locations?

  • Are there any nice-to-haves that are really a must have, or vice versa?

To edit your requirements, navigate to About the job and click Edit Details.

Visage Crowd Sourcers are not able to update job requirements on your behalf, so it is important that you make any changes to candidate qualifications or sourcing locations yourself!

Provide Feedback On Specific Profiles

If you have specific feedback on a profile, leave it in the "What do you think" section of the profile. This is a great way to highlight benchmark profiles, companies to target, or work experience that sourcers should focus on.

Chat With Sourcers

If you have general questions or thoughts about sourcing, use the job chat to talk with your Visage Crowd Sourcers or teammates.

The job chat is also where sourcers will get in touch with you if they have any questions on how they can improve their results, or if they have suggestions on how to edit the qualifications in order to expand your candidate pool.

Rate Your Last Batch of Crowd Profiles

After you've reviewed 20 Crowd profiles, you will be prompted to rate your satisfaction with Crowd Sourcing. Here you can provide directional feedback to the Visage Crowd Sourcers. Your feedback will automatically be posted in the job chat.

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