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Trouble accessing your account? Here is a list of common issues and how to solve them.

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Step 1: Confirm URL

The Visage app has two access points. Select the button below that corresponds with your role to ensure you are logging in to the right portal.

I am a Recruiter and use Visage to post jobs and contact candidates.

I am a Sourcer, and I upload profiles to jobs posted on Visage.

Step 2: Use Visage with Chrome

If you are using Chrome, and still can't log in...

  • Clear your cache and cookies

  • Disable ad blockers

  • Use an incognito browser

  • Try on a different machine or network (you can access Visage via your mobile phone browser on data if you do not have access to a different device or network)

  • Ask if your IT department if your computer has a VPN (some VPNs prevent certain web pages from loading in full.)

Need additional assistance? Email us at cs@visage.jobs.

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