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Who can be a sourcer for Visage?
Who can be a sourcer for Visage?

Do you have access to a computer? Internet connection? Comfy work environment? Free time? Then join Visage now and start earning cash!

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At Visage, we're transforming recruitment through cutting-edge crowdsourcing. We're actively seeking SOURCERS/RECRUITERS to join our dynamic team, assisting clients worldwide in discovering top-tier candidates.

Why Opt for Visage?

🌐 Worldwide Impact: Collaborate 100% remotely with a diverse team on positions spanning industries and levels globally. Showcase your sourcing prowess on the international stage.

💰 Earn as You Source: Focus solely on candidate sourcing and profile uploads to unlock substantial income. Skip interviews and direct communication – your role is just sourcing!

📆 Weekly Earnings: Get paid in USD through Payoneer weekly. For each sourced candidate, Visage ensures fair compensation and a chance to earn more if you’re chosen for special projects.

Our Criteria:

To ensure seamless collaboration and successful sourcing:

  • Experience: Minimum 2 years in recruiting or sourcing, showcasing your field expertise.

  • Search Skills: Proficiency in Boolean strings and x-ray search techniques.

  • Tools: Access to sourcing tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, premium job boards, etc.

  • Language Proficiency: Professional English communication skills are vital.

  • LinkedIn Verified Profile: If you're in India, Mexico, Canada, or the US, your LinkedIn account is required to have an identity verification badge. Acquiring it is straightforward—simply submit your Aadhaar or ID through the process outlined here: Verifications on your LinkedIn profile. Verification is a quick 5-minute task.

Joining the Community:

If you meet the criteria, ace our trial, and can match online profiles to our client specifications, you're warmly welcome!

Transform your web connection and free time into a profitable venture! 🌟

Click here to get started:

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