Hi there, welcome to Visage!

We are a crowdsourcing platform with the mission to reduce the workload from our clients, providing great passive candidates for their openings.

Do you want to be part of this mission?

You are one step closer to becoming one of our Freelance Sourcers, with the potential to earn extra money every week. Sourcers who dedicate to Visage up to 4 hours per day can earn up to $600 per month.

In order for you to be part of our community, you must take and pass our sourcing trial and onboarding process.

Source 10 best candidates (accumulated) for any of the jobs available on the platform. Once you complete the trial, our internal QA team will review your submission and we will send your result within 48 hours. If you get over 70% of those candidates approved then congratulations, you've passed the trial! ✔

The next steps after the trial are very simple. Just provide the information requested by our Talent Hunting team and then attend one of our onboarding sessions to learn everything you need to know about Visage and become a successful member of our community.

Once you complete the onboarding webinar and join our community you will receive a $15 bonus! 🎉

Some things to note:

  • You can source profiles/resumes from any site that provides publicly available information; job boards (if you have access to them), LinkedIn, Google, etc.

  • You will need to be able to find the person’s email address, we suggest reading this article on The Top 10 Tools to Finding Candidates Email Addresses.

  • Upon claiming a job, you will see a 30-min timer appear. Don’t worry, this just means you have 30 minutes to submit your first profile. If the 30-minutes run out, you can simply reclaim the job.

Before claiming your first job we strongly recommend taking a look at the links below. These will answer most of your questions:

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