Before starting your trial, it is helpful to read this article which explains how you go about uploading your profiles. If you are unsure about the terms of the trial, check out this page.

How it works

1. If you have not done it already check the 'NOT OK' list :

2. To avoid wasting your time that have already been sourced you can install our chrome extension.

3. Click on the job you are interested in working on from the 'Open Jobs' list. 

4. Have a look at the job description and hard skill requirements of the role. Note the sourcing location, years of experience and the required skills, experience or qualifications. Also, read any notes from the client regarding the feedback of candidates. Check out the sourcing tips page for submitting the best profiles.

5. Upload the profiles you sourced (in bulk) at once from your computer. Just drag and drop them into the job page or click the submit yellow button at the top right of your screen.

6. The profiles will automatically load. All you need to do is input each candidate’s email and press 'Next'

7. Then we will try to parse the profile and prefill the information we need. Please make sure the information are correct and add the missing mandatory ones.

8. Hit 'ADD' at the bottom right hand side of the screen: 

Once you have submitted a profile to a job, you can track the status of your profile and through your dashboard LIVE

This video shows you how to successfully upload your profiles: 

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