How Auto-Pilot works

Step by step guide

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Auto-Pilot uses a combination of humans, AI, & automation to deliver a targeted volume of leads. You simply:

  • Post your job in Visage, provide a target number of interested leads.

  • Review the calibration batch

  • Engage with warm leads, which arrive directly in your inbox

All new jobs default to Auto-Pilot, you can turn it on for existing jobs by going to a job post and changing your sourcing strategy to Auto-Pilot. This feature is to be activated job by job. You can choose a different sourcing strategy in case you would to try a different one.

Once the feature is activated, we do the heavy lifting!

Step By Step Guide

1. Click the "Add a Job" button on your home page.

2. Follow the prompts and complete the details of the job and instructions for the sourcers.

3. In the Objectives section, indicate how many interested leads you want to source from Visage. Visage will source and contact candidates until you reach your target volume of leads.

4. Customize your email template to reflect the Auto- Pilot experience. Navigate to Engagement and click "Edit Emails" to customize your email outreach using variables and time sequence. You will be able to see a preview you emails after you save the edits.

5. Review Your Calibration Batch: After you create the job posting and click "start sourcing", the Visage Sourcers will send you a calibration batch of 10 recommended profiles for your role within 24 hours.

Review these profiles carefully and share your feedback with the Sourcers. This step is crucial, as it must be completed before activating Autopilot. Providing feedback ensures that we source the right profiles for your positions, improving the chances of finding the right fit for your team.

6. Engage with Your Warm Leads: After the calibration batch is reviewed and autopilot is activated for the role, sourcing will begin according to the target you set in the objectives section. You can interact with the interested candidates directly via email to take them to the next hiring steps. To help you craft effective responses, check out the possible templates you can use by clicking here.

Once your target lead number is achieved, Visage will pause sourcing and contacting candidates. You can update the number of interested leads at any time by navigating to the role, click "Edit" and make changes in the Objective section.

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