Finding Email Addresses

Profiles uploaded by Crowd

At the moment of uploading a profile for your review, we ask our Crowd Sourcers to submit an email address for this profile. To increase your chances of contacting the profile, we also run a set of best performing email finder APIs and find all additional email addresses for this profile.

Profiles uploaded by you and your team

At the moment of uploading a profile, we give you the option to submit an email address for this profile. If you don't have an email address, don't worry, we still run a set of best performing email finder APIs and find all additional email addresses for this profile.

When uploading a profile, we strongly encourage you to fill the "LinkedIn profile" field. This information is very helpful for the email finding APIs.

Verifying Email Addresses

Once we find all email addresses for the profile, we verify each email address to see if it will bounce or not. We do this to protect your email domain (if you have completed your DNS integration) and our visage-mail email domain (if you don't have a DNS integration) from potential issues that may arise from sending emails to unverified addresses. If we were not able to verify any of the email addresses of a profile, we don't contact this profile.

We find an average of 1.8 verified email addresses per profile.

Contacting Candidates

Exceptional Email Performance

We use a combination of the best email providers our there and we monitor daily our bounce, spam, open and reply rates to ensure that you always have the highest chance of reaching the profiles you'd like to contact via Visage.

  • We reach (successfully deliver an email to) 93% of the profiles.

  • Our bounce rate is below 5%. When an email bounces; we stop contacting this email for good.

  • We watch the spam rate every day carefully so it remains below 0.03%.

According to studies we have done with our customers, contacting profiles through Visage will bring 20-30% higher reply rates than contacting profiles on LinkedIn.

Personal vs. Work Email Addresses

When reaching profiles via the email sequence you have set up on your job, we always prioritize personal email addresses over work email addresses for two reasons:

  • Candidates prefer to be contacted on personal email addresses.

  • We have found that personal email addresses have higher delivery, open and reply rates.

This means that if we were able to find a personal email address and a work email address for a profile, we will always reach out to this profile on their personal address first, and reach out on their work address only if the personal address didn't bring a reply.

70% of the candidate emails we contact are personal email addresses.

Cascaded Email Outreach To Not Spam Candidates

When we were able to find more than 1 email address for a profile, in addition to always prioritizing personal email addresses, we also rank each email address in terms of our likelihood of getting a delivery, open and reply. If more than 5 email addresses were found, only the top 5 highest ranked email addresses are used.

When you decide to contact a profile, we begin contacting them with the highest ranked email address first. Then, we wait for 24 hours to see if there was a reply. We contact a lower ranked email address only if we did not get a reply from the highest ranked email address. In this way, we are able to ensure that we don't spam candidates by reaching out to them in all their email addresses at once.

All the emails in your email sequence (first email, follow up 1, follow up 2) are cascaded in a similar way. This means that a profile might receive a follow up 1 on the highest ranked email address while receiving the first email on the second highest ranked email address.

The moment we have a reply from a candidate, we stop all outgoing emails.

Tracking The Opens and Replies of Emails

On your job page, for each profile in your Contacted column, you can see the status and results of the email delivery.

  • "Scheduled" indicates we are waiting to send the email to the profile at the best time for them in their local timezone.

  • "Not sent" indicates that we did not send the email to this profile because they already replied or they unsubscribed.

  • One gray checkbox indicates the email was sent.

  • Two gray checkboxes indicate the email was successfully delivered to the profile.

  • Two green checkboxes indicate the email was read by the profile.

  • A green click icon indicates the profile clicked on the email.

  • A green reply arrow means the profile replied to your email and their response has not been tagged as interested / not interested yet.

  • A green thumbs up means the profile replied with interest in your job.

  • A gray thumbs down means the profile replied with no interest in your job.

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