1. See Which Job Needs Your Attention

  2. Review Profiles

  3. Contact Profiles

  4. See If This Profile Was Contacted Before

  5. Save Profiles

  6. Discard Profiles

  7. Move Profiles To Another Job

See Which Job Needs Your Attention

Your Visage homepage will provide an overview of which jobs have unread chat messages, ongoing sourcing requests, and profiles pending review to help you prioritize which jobs need your attention first.

The Sourcing section of your job page will give you real time insight into how many profiles you have to review, and when the batch will be completed. Sourcing will automatically stop when the batch is completed. You have flexibility to review the profiles as they come in, or all at once.

Review Profiles

To review profiles, click the green arrow under "New" profiles on your job page.

This will open the Profile Review page where you can

  • see all profiles pending review,

  • see profile details that are parsed from the profile's CV,

  • leave an optional review feedback for Visage Crowd Sourcers or the sourcers on your team,

  • take action on the profiles one by one or in bulk: contact, save, discard, move to another job,

  • leave notes.

For each profile, we parse and show you:

  • the source of the profile, ("Visage Crowd" or the teammate who uploaded the profile),

  • links to professional web pages and resumes,

  • summary,

  • total years of work experience,

  • all work experiences,

  • all educations,

  • skills,

  • languages.

After reviewing the profile, you can provide feedback and select one of the following options:

  1. Contact

  2. Save

  3. Discard

  4. Move to another job

If you like, you can use the "Select all" and "Unselect all" buttons to take bulk action on profiles. You can contact or discard any number of profiles at one time for an even faster experience.

Contact Profiles

Contact profiles who are a good match directly in Visage with our automated custom email outreach.

When you click Contact, you will be asked if you'd like to customize your email outreach further for this specific profile / these specific candidates.

Visage knows how important candidate experience is to recruiters. That's why, Visage will only initiate the email outreach between 9am and 7pm of the candidate's timezone, including the weekends. Visage will automatically schedule any email outreach outside of those hours for 2pm the following day. This functionality enables you to review and contact at your convenience, while preserving your candidate relationship.

See If This Profile Was Contacted Before

You can also see the contact history of a profile in the "Additional Context" bubble on the right side of the page:

This contact history will tell you

  • how many times this candidate was contacted by your team in the last 6 months,

  • when was the last time they were contacted, by which team member, for which job (you will be able to click on the job name and open the job page).

If you don't want to contact the candidate, you can go ahead and click "Discard", and select "Already Contacted" as a reason.

If you'd like to go ahead and contact the candidate anyway, we recommend customizing the outreach email templates to say something along the lines of

"Hi Jaxson, I know we reached out to you in November regarding another job. We think you could be a great fit for this job as well for the following reasons... Has anything changed in the past few months that might make you open to this position?"

A custom message about why you are reaching out to the same candidate again would help give the candidate a better experience and increase your lead rates.

Save Profiles

Use the Save button for any profiles you need to think about and want to disposition later. We recommend writing a private note, with pros and cons of the profile and then coming back to it when you have decided in a day or two!

Discard Profiles

Discard any profiles that aren't a good fit for your role. Use the "What do you think?" section to provide feedback for the sourcers and improve your next batch.

Move Profiles To Another Job

Sometimes you receive a profile that might not be right for your role, but would be a great fit for someone on your team. When that happens, use the Notes section to let your colleague know why you think the profile could be a good fit, and use the three small dots to move them to another job.

Only profiles that haven't been dispositioned yet can be moved, so you'll need to move the profile before hitting "Contact, Save or Discard."

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