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Do you provide access to recruitment tools?
Do you provide access to recruitment tools?

Job boards, LinkedIn suscriptions, email finding tools, etc.

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At Visage, we empower freelance sourcers with targeted tools and resources to enhance their sourcing prowess. While traditional job boards, email finder tools, and media-based recruitment aids are not part of our offering, we provide solutions tailored to your needs.

As community sourcers, you'll rely on your personal network and candidate database, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, and other job boards. Complementing your existing toolkit, we introduce the groundbreaking Visage Chrome extension.

This extension streamlines candidate uploads, aiding you in swiftly submitting candidates to our platform. Additionally, it prevents duplication as it shows previously submitted candidates for the specific role you're working on. This tool optimizes time management and performance.

Furthermore, our platform efficiently detects the email addresses of the candidates you submit. You'll only need to find an email manually if the platform can't retrieve it for you. For these situations, it's wise to have useful tools for finding emails. We've prepared the following guides that you can take a look at:

Also, enhancing your skills is a priority. Our repository of training videos encompasses sourcing techniques across diverse platforms, including insightful tips on email address discovery, diversity sourcing, and more. Access to these resources will be granted to you upon onboarding into our community.

Finally, as a Visage member, the Visage Sourcing Community group on Workplace awaits you. Connect with fellow sourcers for valuable insights, tips, and assistance across sourcing endeavors.

Empower yourself through Visage's vast resources and supportive network.

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