We don't provide you with any job board, email finder tool, or media-based recruitment tools.

Since all of our community sourcers are freelance professionals, you will need to have your own network and database of candidates' profiles, such as LinkedIn, Monster, or any other job boards.

However, Visage offers its own tool, which can help you make better use of the ones you already have: the Visage Chrome extension.

This extension will allow you to upload candidates quicker and easier to our app. Also, will show you what candidates have already submitted to the role you are working on to avoid duplications. Healping you to better manage your time and better distribute your tools.

We also have some very useful training videos on how to source on different platforms, tips on how to find email addresses, and more. You will have access to all once you are onboarded in our community.

Meanwhile, we offer you to read this analysis we have made, targeting the most used, and reliable email finder tools:

Finally, as a member of Visage, you will have access to our Visage Sourcing Community group on Workplace where you will be able to reach out to each other sourcers of our team for tips and help on anything sourcing-related.

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