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Candidate not to source list
Candidate not to source list

Learn how you can get 100% new profiles with Visage

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Our customer rely on Visage to find great candidates for their jobs, but they also use other more traditional methods to find candidates, such as job boards and advertisements.

In order for Visage to only source new candidates, you will now be able to upload a list of candidates not to source.

The candidates not to source list will be attached to a job, which means that each job can have a different list.

Once the list is shared to Visage, either automatically via your ATS integration, or in the form of a CSV or Excel file, those candidates will automatically be rejected before they are submitted to Visage and therefore to you.

This means that you will no longer pay for candidates that are already in your job pipeline.

How to upload a list of candidates not to source

On a job, you will have to navigate to the About the job tab and click on Add candidates in the Candidates not to source section.

This opens a window where users can download the template file in CSV or Excel file formats. The file is composed of two columns: name and email. An example of the file format is available at this link.

You then have to fill the file template with the list of names and/or email addresses of candidates not to source. Once the file is ready, you can upload the file in Visage.

Visage processes the file to extract all information and verify the validity of the data and potential errors.

At this step users can review the successfully imported candidates as well as the candidates which were not imported because of invalid data formats.

If necessary, you can adjust the file on your computer, delete the imported file on Visage and upload a new file. Once you are satisfied with the successfully imported candidates list, you can click on Save in order for Visage to start using the list.

At any time afterwards, you can view the uploaded file and take the following actions:

  • Review the list of candidates imported

  • Delete the file and the list of candidates

  • Upload a new file of list of candidates

What happens in the background?

Visage uses the list of names and emails to create a list of disqualifiers our system will refer to every time a sourcer submits a profile to Visage.

At the moment of submission Visage will compare the name and/or email address of the submitted candidate against the list of disqualifiers, on top of other already existing checks such as already submitted candidates.

If the submitted candidate does match one of the disqualifiers, the profile will be rejected and the sourcer will have to source another candidate instead.

The list of candidates is never shared with anyone outside of your team. Sourcers will never know if the disqualification comes from the candidates on not to source list or another source of disqualification. Visage will not share the data with other clients and will not re-use the data for its own purposes.

Supported name formats

For now we only support names composed of at least two separate words. The reason is that we use the first name in combination of the last name to check if the submitted candidate is present in the list.

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