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Integrate Visage to your Applicant Tracking System
Integrate Visage to your Applicant Tracking System
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In this article we will cover the full ATS integration capabilities from connecting Visage to your ATS, to synchronizing jobs and candidate not to source list, up to exporting leads in your ATS.

Table of contents:

Supported Applicant Tracking Systems

Visage supports an increasing number of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). We are working hard to support the most widely used ATS. If your ATS is not available, please reach out to your dedicated customer success manager.

How to integrate Visage to your ATS

Integrating Visage with your ATS is fast and easy. You'll need administrator rights on the ATS side, which most likely means that you will have to involve your IT/HRIS department to setup the integration.

In any case, all the instructions to generate the API key, or other methods of authentication, are explained inside Visage directly.

If you need help integrating Visage with your ATS, please reach out to your dedicated customer success manager.

Once the connection between your ATS and Visage is confirmed, Visage will start synchronizing data, which may take up to a few hours.

How to import and synchronize an ATS job with Visage

Once the initial synchronization is complete, you and every member of your team can start importing jobs from your ATS into Visage in just a few clicks.

To do so, simply click on the Import job from ATS button on the top right corner of your screen in the job list view. This will open the ATS job import window.

From this window, you will be able to search for jobs present in your ATS to import into Visage. Here is a small video on how this can be done with SmartRecruiters as an example.

You can search for the job you want to import in a few different ways:

  1. If the job was recently posted on your ATS, it should be available via scrolling through the most recent jobs

  2. You can use the search bar to narrow the list of job by typing the following:

    1. Job title: any word(s) present in the job title

    2. Job location: words present in the location such as city, region and country code

    3. Job reference or ID number: partial or complete

Once you have found the job you want to import click on it to select it and click on the Import job button. After importing the job, you will have to go through the job creation form in order to add the missing information manually and complete job posting.

After you have successfully posted the job on Visage, this job will now be synchronized with your ATS. This enables the following features:

  • Synchronization of Candidates Not To Source list

  • Automatic export of Visage leads in your ATS

This also means that if you close the job on your ATS, it will also close the job in Visage.

Changes in job title, job description or other requirements will not, however, be reflected in Visage. You will have to edit your job in Visage directly instead.

How to view your synchronized Candidates Not To Source list

Once your ATS job is imported and synchronized, you can view the list of candidates that are synching from your ATS to the "Candidates Not To Source" on Visage. This means that Visage will not source candidates already present in your ATS job pipeline for this specific job.

In order to view the list, go to your job "About the job" tab and click on the + Add candidates button in the Candidates Not To Source section.

This opens the Candidates Not To Source window. Click on the Imported from ATS tab to list all candidates automatically imported from your ATS. This list is used by our system to make sure that we do not source candidates already present in your pipelines.

This list will be updated every few hours to include the updated candidate list from your ATS. You can use the search function on the tab to make sure your candidates are present in the list.

You can always import more candidates not to source from any other source via the CSV or Excel file imports in the other tab. Learn more about it in its dedicated help center article.

How to export your Visage generated leads to your ATS

Once you have found and engaged top talent for your ATS imported job, you will start generating leads through Visage.

Leads generated by Visage are automatically exported to the right job in your ATS. When available we will complement the candidate creation with additional information such as their education or professional experience detailed information. In most cases the Resume or CV will be uploaded to the ATS candidate, as well as their LinkedIn profile url when possible.

Candidates status updates in the ATS will also be reflected in the Visage job view so you can see at a glance how Visage is performing for you.

Question? Feedback? Please reach out to us!

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