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✉️ Set up default email outreach for your team
✉️ Set up default email outreach for your team

Instructions for account admins on how to create & manage your default email outreach.

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Let’s get you to great hires, faster!

Setting up your account email outreach ensures consistency in voice and messaging across your jobs with your company-specific personalization.

Your team will save time by directly working on the personalized email outreach created by the admin. Every user will still be able to further personalize emails for each job.

⚠️ The account admin is the only person who can set the default email outreach for the account.

🧭 As an admin, here's how to set up the default email template:

  1. Go to your team settings in the Engagement tab and click on "set up" under the new Team's default email outreach section.

2. This opens the side panel where you can select a previous email outreach sequence written by your team and click on “Set as default”.

3. Under team settings, you can now see the newly selected default email outreach and its follow-up.

🖥️ As a team member, here's how to use your default email outreach:

When setting up a new job, the new default email outreach set up by your admin is copied for this job. From this point on you can personalize the email further to better suit the job specific context.

⚠️ If you see the following tag on the email outreach sequence it means that you are tempering with the default set by your account admin and that all changes will be applied on all new jobs.

🔎 How to change your account default email outreach as an admin

  1. Go to your team settings in Engagement tab, click on “Edit” under the “Team’s default email outreach”

  2. Select another email outreach from the side panel and click on “Set as default”

3. To remove the default and revert to Visage default outreach, click on “Remove as default” in the side panel.

You just changed your email outreach template! 🎉

🆘 If you still have questions, please contact your dedicated customer success manager directly or

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