🤿 Let's dive in Auto-Sourcing and get you to great hires, faster!

Auto-Sourcing is a brand-new feature created for users solely with the goal of saving YOU time and effort.

With Auto-Sourcing active, you will no longer need to manually request batches one by one. Instead, a new batch of 20 profiles will automatically be delivered on the job every day. Auto-Sourcing will stop sourcing automatically when one of the following two triggers happens:

  1. The job reaches 100 profiles in "To Review" stage

  2. The job reaches the objective in Number of Interviews

You can turn it off at any time too.

Auto-Sourcing speeds up your recruiting process.

Our CS team can help guide you to select the roles best suited for this feature.

⚙️ Turn on Auto-Sourcing in a few clicks

Activating Auto-Sourcing is simple. It’s a feature you can turn on (or off) at any time for existing and new jobs.

Your usual crowd sourcing request button now includes the option to place your job on Auto-Sourcing. Simply click on Auto to activate it.

Here is a step by step guide for more information:

  1. Log on Visage

  2. Click on your job page

  3. Select the job you want to start Auto Sourcing on

  4. You have to click on “Auto”.

  5. You can stop at any time by turning it “Off”

Visage will provide automated messages to keep you informed of the progress.

🆘 If you still have questions, please contact your dedicated customer success manager directly or support@visage.jobs

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