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Customize your Email Outreach
Best practices for customizing email outreach templates
Best practices for customizing email outreach templates
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1. Keep it simple

As you create your email, make sure to include important information without making the email complicated or overwhelming. Avoid using too much text styling, text that doesn’t add value, and internal tracking codes.

2. Use a Descriptive Subject Line

Ensure your emails are opened with a focused, creative subject line that includes your company name. Use a subject line generator to help you create effective and engaging subject lines.

3. Pique Their Curiosity Immediately

Share intriguing information and introduce the opportunity up front.

What does the role offer that would be unique or enticing to an ideal candidate?

  • Substantial Perks

  • Great Benefits

  • Remote Offerings

  • Professional Development Opportunities

Quickly introduce yourself and lead with an enticing reason they should take an interest in the role that would benefit them.

Hi [First Name],

My Name is [Your Name] and I’m [Your Position] at [Your Company]. I’m writing to inform you about a new job opportunity we have for a [Job title] at [Company Name]. This a sought-after position with a substantial offering for the right fit.

4. Include Personal Information

Be personable and show interest in the individual. Include relevant information about the candidate’s professional experience to show credibility and make the communication more engaging.

You were selected as a top potential candidate due to your experience, including your current role as [Current Role] at [Current Company].

5. Provide Noteworthy Company Information

Add compelling details about the unique company culture and atmosphere.

  • What makes your company attractive to candidates?

  • Are there any company values you want to highlight?

  • Where can the candidate view more information online?

Include any applicable links, such as recent company news, the job posting, employee testimonials, etc.

[Company Name] was recently featured as a #1 place to work in [Job Location] thanks to our commitment to employee well-being. You can read more about it + hear what it’s like to work for [Company Name] here: link.

6. Encourage Action

Use a persuasive, strong call to action encouraging a timely response.

  • How do you prefer candidates to follow up at the first stage in the recruitment process?

  • How would you describe your company’s tone at the beginning of the recruitment process?

Invite the candidate to follow-up in a clear request for a response.

I’d love to share more details about the opportunity with you. Are you available this week for a quick and casual chat?



Once you’ve finished writing your email, remember to send a preview before saving the template.

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