We've updated the Visage platform! 🎉 Here's what's new:

  1. Post your jobs faster with lite mode!

  2. Other recent updates

Post your jobs faster with lite mode!

Previously on Visage, when you wanted to post a job, you would go through 4 different steps before you could start sourcing. It took on average 9 minutes to post a job.

Introducing job posting lite mode. From now on, when you want to post a job on Visage, the job creation form opens in lite mode.

Lite mode only include must have information to start sourcing

Lite mode only includes must-have information to start sourcing.

Lite mode is composed of only the must-have information in order for our community to start sourcing amazing candidates for you. All optional fields are still accessible by toggling back to advanced mode.

You can jump between lite and advanced mode at any moment with a single click.

With the new job posting lite mode, our users post their jobs in 6 minutes in average!

Note that when editing jobs the default view will be the advanced mode so you can include additional information after your initial job post.

Other recent updates

We made some other updates in job posting recently, including:

  • You can now leave a note to your sourcer to give additional context or information to help them source better

  • Many non-essential fields are now optional instead of mandatory

  • Added information on why some fields are important for our sourcing community

  • We now ask you how many candidates you want Visage to provide you for interviews. This data helps make better pipeline predictions on sourcing volume

  • We also improved the accuracy of our sourcing volume predictions based on updated data

  • And a few other adjustments

During review stage, you can now mark exceptional profiles as benchmark in one click on the top right corner of your screen. They will be added as a benchmark profile for the current job and help our sourcing community better understand your expectations for the job.

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates to our platform, and enjoy hiring with Visage.

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