We've updated the Visage platform! 🎉 Here's what's new:

Email Template Library

Email outreach sequence customisation has been redesigned for increased clarity and to introduce the email template library.

This new feature comes with two main changes.

First, the email outreach emails have been redesigned for ease of editing. All emails are on the same page so you can edit all emails at once. Setting up your emails should now be faster and more efficient.

Second, you can now access a library of the past 50 email outreach campaigns on your account and copy the email sequence from another job in just one click. When you apply an email outreach sequence to your job, it copies the following:

  • The content & title of the emails within the outreach sequence

  • The number of follow ups

  • The timing between the follow ups (for example if you set send the follow up number 1 after 3 days this info will be copied to the new one)

Job list filter

Small update on the Job list page: when you select a filter between "My jobs" and "All jobs" this filter is saved and if you navigate back to the job list page you will see your most recent filter as active by default. Less switching between "My jobs" and "All jobs"!

SmartRecruiter integration: add email address to candidate upload

Previously there was an error when a profile that your internal sourcing team uploaded to Visage was attempted to be exported to SmartRecruiter. Now you can enter the candidate email address so that the profile is successfully imported into SmartRecruiter.

How can we improve your Visage experience?

Let us know what you think about this update and how we can improve your Visage experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates to our platform and enjoy hiring with Visage!

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