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Workplace by Facebook - Visage communication platform
Workplace by Facebook - Visage communication platform

In this article we are going to cover a few useful topics related to our communication tool - Workplace.

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As a Community Sourcer at Visage, you can stay up to date with the latest news and communicate with us on Workplace by Facebook.

So what is Workplace?

It’s a collaboration and communication tool that will help us build stronger connections across the community and empower our teams to work together - with the familiar UX of Facebook, so don't worry, you won't have to learn how to navigate a whole new system.

If you already have a Facebook account Workplace will feel like a familiar experience, as it is the same interface as Facebook. The only difference is that Workplace is oriented for businesses. Don't worry if you don't have a Facebook account, the User Interface is very friendly and intuitive.

Useful tips when you create your Workplace account:

  1. When setting up your profile on Workplace please use the same email address and name that you have used for your Payoneer account and the Visage App sign up (you do not have to use your personal Facebook login details).

  2. Check out this video to set up your language in English (when you receive the invitation to join it might not be in English).

  3. Workplace is available on mobile apps as well.

    If you are going to use Workplace only on your mobile please make sure to download both applications (see print screen below):

    - Workplace app - to stay up to date with the announcement, posts, updates, etc.
    - Workplace chat app - to stay up to date with any chat you might receive from QA regarding your performance or regarding your payment.

    If you are not intending to use the mobile apps, you can stay up to date by using the workplace browser or using both options. It is up to you which one you use: only mobile, only browser, or both.

4. You will be part of 2 groups at the beginning, one of them is called Silver Community and the second one is called Visage Sourcing Community.

Visage Sourcing Community will remain the group where you are in communication with us, we will post announcements, performance, and answer your usual questions.

The process to ask for help is: you can tag @support and a member from our team will help you out with your request.

5. Workplace has a feature called Knowledge Library where you can access a lot of useful information, sourcing trainings, payment information, the referral process, videos on how to, articles from our help center, etc...

We made this loom video for you to show you how to navigate through the Knowledge library page.

Make sure to check it out when you sign up!

We cannot wait to see you on Workplace!

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