We've updated the Visage platform! ūüéČ Here's what's new:

  1. View email outreach reports

  2. Tag and display why profiles are ‚ÄúNot Interested‚ÄĚ

  3. Delete profiles uploaded by you or a teammate

View email outreach reports

On your job page under the ‚ÄúReports‚ÄĚ tab, you can now find a second tab next to the ‚ÄúPipeline‚ÄĚ tab called ‚ÄúEmail outreach‚ÄĚ. This report shows you how many candidates you have emailed for this role and how many of them opened, clicked and replied to the email.

You can also view additional insights such as contact rate, open rate, click rate, response rate and interest rate.

These reports might help you compare Visage email outreach performance against your other channels.

Tip: If you see low email performance, try updating your email templates to ensure your candidates are receiving engaging and interesting emails from you. Your emails should have an enticing subject line as well as great information about the role and your company.

Tag and display why a profile is not interested

When a profile is marked as ‚ÄúNot Interested‚ÄĚ by Visage, you can now see the reasons why the profile was not interested in two different places:

  1. On the profile‚Äôs page, under the ‚ÄúNot Interested‚ÄĚ status

  2. On the ‚ÄúNot Interested‚ÄĚ column on your funnel, right under the profile‚Äôs name

If you get an answer from a Visage profile on other channels such as LinkedIn or phone, you can now tag the reasons why as well. When marking the Visage profile as not interested, you will see a list where you can choose multiple reasons.

Delete a profile that was uploaded by you or a teammate

When you or a teammate uploads a profile to Visage, you control the profile data. If you need to delete a profile, you can now do so on the top right of the profile page by clicking the gray arrow in the profile status box and selecting ‚ÄúDelete profile data‚ÄĚ.

Please note:

  • This delete action cannot be undone.

  • You can only delete profiles uploaded by you or your team. You cannot delete Crowd Sourced profiles.

How can we improve your Visage experience?

Let us know what you think about this update and how we can improve your Visage experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates to our platform and enjoy hiring with Visage!

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