We've updated the Visage platform! 🎉 Here's what's new:

Choose a batch size between 20 and 100 for Crowd Sourcing

You can now choose your batch size for Crowd Sourcing based on your current needs for the job! Larger batches might help you reach your hiring goals faster, present more than 20 profiles to your Hiring Manager in less time, or review many profiles at once for improved focus and efficiency.

On the “Sourcing” panel of your job, on the top left, when you click the “Crowd Sourcing” toggle on, you will now see a question asking you how many profiles you would like. You can select a number between 20 and 100, within increments of 5.

You can now ask for a variable number of profiles in every batch when starting a new Crowd Sourcing request.

Please note:

  • We are testing larger Crowd batches of 20-100 profiles upon customer feedback. If we find that we are not able to accommodate large batch sizes, we might turn this feature off.

  • We may not be able to complete the sourcing of batches of more than 20 profiles within 24 hours. We will use this test period to set accurate delivery time expectations on larger batches.

  • We highly recommend that you review as you source rather than sourcing hundreds of profiles and reviewing them all at the same time (or that you use this strategy only occasionally, such as after you have sourced enough on the job and the Crowd has learned more about your needs). The actions you take on the profiles you receive (contacting, discarding or saving) and the optional feedback you give to Crowd Sourcers help us understand and cater to your needs and increase the quality of each incremental profile you receive from us. If you batch your reviews and feedback at the end, you might not be satisfied with all the profiles you receive.

  • Calibration batches (first batches) of new jobs will still be 10 profiles only.

How can we improve your Visage experience?

Let us know what you think about this update and how we can improve your Visage experience. Stay tuned for upcoming updates to our platform and enjoy hiring with Visage!

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