We've updated the Visage platform! 🎉 Here's what's new:

  1. Move profiles to "Rejected" and "Withdrawn" status

  2. Display "Interested" and "Not Interested" profiles separately

Move profiles to "Rejected" and "Withdrawn" statuses

You can now mark profiles as "Rejected" and "Withdrawn" after Phone Interview, Interview and Hire stages. With these new statuses, you can reflect the reality of your hiring funnel: some profiles are rejected after they're spoken with and some withdraw from the hiring process. This will also make your Visage reports more accurate (reports inside the app are coming in early Q1! 🎉) and allow you to predict your pipelines and workload more accurately.

Displaying "Interested" and "Not Interested" profiles separately

Previously, we were displaying "Interested" and "Not Interested" profiles in a single column on your job page. You now see your "Interested" and "Not Interested" profiles in separate columns so you can focus your energy on the "Interested" profiles.

"Not Interested" profiles are still accessible under a closed list on the left.

How can we improve your Visage experience?

We hope that you will let us know what you think about this update and how we can improve your Visage experience. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates to our platform, and enjoy hiring with Visage!

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