The Job Chat can sometimes become unavailable due to various reasons, mostly its a networking issue or a company proxy that is blocking queries to Sendbird, but we have a few steps that you can try in order to troubleshoot this issue and get you access back so you can use the chat again.

These are the steps you can try:

  • Try accessing the job chat in browser incognito mode;

  • Try accessing the job chat without work proxy or VPN;

  • Try accessing the job chat from another network (out of the office);

  • Try accessing the job chat using a VPN;

  • Try accessing the job chat different browsers;

  • Try clearing browser cache then access the chat;

In order for the chat to work properly and avoid any issues in the future, the company proxy should allow all WebSocket and HTTPS request to be received from all Sendbird domains ( and * . For these please contact your IT Team.

If your team has already whitelisted Sendbird, but you are still seeing issues with the job chat please raise an issue with and provide us with a network trace outlining this.

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