We've updated the Visage platform! 🎉 Here's what's new:

  1. Add benchmark profiles to your jobs

  2. Job page loading time improvements

Add benchmark profiles to your jobs

Previously on Visage, when you wanted to tell Crowd Sourcers or your own sourcers to take a few profiles as the examples of who you're looking for, you had to share these CVs via the job chat or email. You can now give guidance to our Crowd Sourcers or your own sourcers by adding benchmark profiles directly to your job.

Benchmark profiles are added on the "Instructions" page of job posting (or editing), in one of two ways:

  1. Copying and pasting the link of the profile, as shown below.

2. Uploading a file directly from your computer, as shown below.

You can add as many benchmark profiles to the job as you want.

These profiles are shown to the Crowd Sourcers before they begin sourcing. If you have any team mates sourcing for you (uploading profiles on the Visage application for your review), don't forget to tell them to check for benchmark profiles as well!

They can see your benchmarks profiles under "About the job > Instructions" as shown below.

Job page loading time improvements

Recently, the loading time of the job page has been slow, especially for jobs with many profiles. With this platform update, we made a significant improvement on the job page loading time. Your jobs should now load smoothly and fast!

Job page

We hope that you will let us know what you think about this update!

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates to our platform, and enjoy hiring with Visage.

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