We just updated the Visage platform! 🎉

Previously on Visage, when you left a review feedback on a profile by answering the "What is your feedback on this profile?" question on the top right of the page (as shown in the image below), this review feedback was not displayed anywhere in the app later on. If you needed to remember your initial feedback or a teammate needed to access it, your review note was not available.

See the review feedback on a profile

With this platform update, you can now see the initial feedback of the reviewer when you click on the profile's name from your job page, and open the detail view. The review feedback will appear under the notes, as shown in the image below.

Here are a few more things to know about the review feedback displayed on profiles:

  • It is visible to all your teammates.

  • You can see who left the review feedback and when.

  • It is not possible to delete or edit the review feedback.

  • If the profile was sourced by Visage Crowd, the review feedback is displayed to the Visage Crowd sourcers as well to help them source better profiles for you.

  • The review feedback is never displayed to the candidates.

We hope that you will let us know what you think about this update!

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates to our platform - we are working new exciting features such as confidential jobs and selecting companies to source from.

What do you think about the Visage platform? Give us feedback.

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