We just updated the Visage platform! 🎉

Previously on Visage, when you clicked on a profile's name on your job page, you could only see a profile card with limited information. For example, we were only showing you the last two work experiences, the last two educations, or the first three lines of the summary. This was not the best user experience because if you needed to see more profile details, you needed to open the profile's resume or LinkedIn.

See the profile details in full

With this platform update, you can now see the profile in full, with all the resume details we are able to parse and all the social links we are able to find!

This is how it looks:

You can now see

  • the full profile summary by clicking "Read More",

  • all the relevant professional and social profiles and website links for the candidate,

  • all work experiences by clicking "Show more experiences",

  • all educations by clicking "Show more educations",

  • the descriptions of the work experiences and educations,

  • all languages spoken by the candidate specified on their CV.

We have also done some visual updates to the page:

  • Private notes are now at the top of the resume details for easy access.

  • The status of the profile is shown in a progress bar.

  • The actions you can take on this profile are clearly outlined.

In our upcoming release, we will begin to show full profile details during profile review as well. Stay tuned!

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