We just updated the Visage platform! 🎉

Previously on Visage, you could not see if a candidate was already contacted for another job. We know this was a pain point because:

  1. Some times the candidate pool is rather small and you might end up reaching out to the same person for different jobs.

  2. You and your teammates might have similar jobs on your Visage account and might contact the same candidate, not knowing the candidate was already contacted by your teammate.

See if this candidate was contacted before

With this platform update, you can see the contact history of a candidate when you are reviewing their profile:

This contact history will tell you:

  • How many times this candidate was contacted by your team in the last 6 months,

  • When they were last contacted, by which team member, and for which job (you will be able to click on the job name and open the job page).

If you don't want to contact the candidate

Given this contact history, if you don't wish to contact a candidate, you can go ahead and click "Discard", and select "Already Contacted" as a reason.

If you'd like to contact the candidate anyway

If you'd like to go ahead and contact the candidate anyway, we recommend customizing the outreach email templates to say something along the lines of

"Hi Jaxson, I know we reached out to you in November regarding another job. We think you could be a great fit for this job as well for the following reasons... Has anything changed in the past few months that might make you open to this position?"

A custom message about why you are reaching out to the same candidate again would help give the candidate a better experience and increase your lead rates.

What do you think about the Visage platform? Give us feedback.

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