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Previously on Visage, each time you started a candidate email sequence, the emails would be sent from the Job Owner, and the candidate replies would be received by the Job Owner. We know this was a pain point because

  1. You may have someone supporting you on your job, and you'd like your supporter to contact candidates and receive their replies instead of you.

  2. You may prefer to contact candidates from another user's address such as your Hiring Manager or your team leader because you believe candidates will be more likely to open the emails and/or reply to them.

  3. You may be out of office for a number of days and you'd like your colleague to engage with your candidates in the meantime.

#1 Select a Sender for candidate outreach emails

With this platform update, you can now select a Sender for candidate outreach that is different from the Job Owner.

  • On the Engagement page of the job posting, select a Sender from the list of active users in your account. Once you or a teammate decides to contact a candidate, the emails will be sent from and be received by this user's address. The name, last name and email signature displayed in the candidate emails will be that of the Sender.

  • If your account admin has configured your account with an email alias such as talent@company.com, then the sender email address will be talent@company.com, and the name, last name and email signature displayed in the candidate emails will be that of the Sender.

#2 Change the Sender anytime

If your Sender preferences change during the lifetime of a job, you can simply change the Sender.

  • In the Engagement tab of the job, see who is the current sender, and click on "Edit email sequences" to change it.

  • Select a new Sender and click on "Update job". This will change the sender email address for the emails that are not yet in the sending process.

  • If the sender is changed in the middle of an ongoing email sequence, a candidate might receive the First Email from Sender A, and Follow Up 1 from Sender B.

  • When the candidate replies, their reply will always be to the sender who reached out to them. If a candidate receives the First Email from Sender A, the Sender changes from Sender A to Sender B, and the candidate replies to the First Email, candidate's response will go to Sender A (the original sender, not the new sender).

#3 If the Sender leaves your account

If the user who is the Sender on a job is removed from your account or they are transferred to another account, the Sender will default back to the Job Owner.

#4 As an admin, configure the sender email address

As an admin of a Visage account, on the Engagement tab of your User Settings, you can configure Sender Email Address. This allows you to determine if you'd like to use a custom email alias for all users in your account such as talent@company.com. Learn more about this feature here.

The ability to determine the Sender has not made any changes to this feature. If you are using an email alias, all emails will be sent from and replies will be received by this email alias. The name, last name and email signature displayed in the emails will be that of the Sender.


Email address: talent@company.com
Name, last name: Hanna Curtis
Signature: Hanna Curtis, CEO at Company.com

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