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Top 5 Tools to Finding Candidate Email Addresses
Top 5 Tools to Finding Candidate Email Addresses

Summary of tools that help our own community of Sourcers find email addresses

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Struggling to track down email addresses for your candidates? Imagine finding your ideal candidate, only to be missing a single crucial detail—their email address.

Although the Visage app excels at finding emails for your submissions, there could be instances where we don't meet the mark. Because of this, our team recently conducted a thorough analysis of the market's most effective email finder tools. We've taken the initiative to update and share our curated list with you.

Here are our top 5 picks:

Kendo helps you find and verify business and personal email addresses. This is by far one of the better-priced email finder tools. Kendo's free plan offers 50 credits per month, and pay plans start at just $17 a month for 600 credits. Our Sourcing Community is a huge fan of this one! One noteworthy feature: You can sign up with your personal email address, no business email is required.

SalesQL offers 50 complimentary monthly credits, with pricing starting at just $39 per month. It allows you to find excellent personal emails for your candidates. And in some instances, it also provides a phone number. You will need a business email address. works on both LinkedIn and Websites and makes it easy to find business email addresses with their Chrome Plugin. You need to have a business email address to be able to sign up but they offer a free trial with 20 credits/month and subscriptions start at $9 a month for 600 contacts.

Although this email finder is only suited for corporate email addresses it is definitely worth having. Sign up for a free subscription, granting you 100 credits each month, or opt for the $39 per month plan that delivers 3000 credits.

With this one, you get 5 free credits a month, and plans start as low as $29/mo (when billed annually). It allows you to find personal emails and for many candidates, it also provides a phone number. You will need a business email address.

Don't Overlook the Power of Google

Yes, you heard it right—trusty old Google. Your go-to for so much else, why not use it to find email addresses too?

You can enter in your search bar a combination of the candidate's name, the name of the company they are currently working for, and the words “email”, “email address”, “contact”, “contact information” or “contact me”.

Alternatively, if you already know the domain of the company you can search using different combinations of first name + last name + company domain. All this can help you find verified websites that contain the contact information of the candidate you want to submit.


Every email you find from sources outside Visage must be verified to ensure its authenticity, here are some tools that can help you with this:

We hope these help in your search for the perfect candidate!

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