We are thrilled to share with you an upgrade of Visage! In this version, you can specify and track your hiring objectives, optimize your results, and feel even more focused and efficient than before.

Find out below the details of all the changes. We hope you will love them as much as we do! If you have any feedback, let us know here, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to scroll through our Help Center or to contact us via the online chat on the bottom right of the page.

#1 Specify hiring objectives and track progress

#1.1 When you post a job, specify your hiring objectives

Is this a one-time hire or will you be continuously hiring into the same position? How many people are you looking to hire, by when? Are you just pipelining to discover the pool of candidates? Tell us so that we can cater your experience of Visage to your unique needs on this job. Learn more

#1.2 Get guidance on your candidate funnel

Once you enter your hiring objectives, you will see candidate funnel predictions based on similar jobs previously posted on Visage. This will help you identify how many profiles you need to source and contact to reach your hiring objectives, as well as how many interested leads and interviews you can expect to get. We are constantly working on improving our predictions. The more you update the status of your profiles on Visage, the more accurate your predictions will get! Learn more

#1.3 Be reminded of your objectives and track your progress

Once you start sourcing, on each job page you will see an Objectives panel to remind you of your objectives and track your progress. You can always edit your job and update your objectives as needed.

#2 Optimize your results

#2.1 Separate candidate must-haves and nice-to-haves

When posting a job, specify the must-haves and nice-to-haves of your ideal candidates. Visage sourcers use your must-haves as a checklist before submitting profiles and look for nice-to-haves that will make the candidates shine!

#2.2 Write a few words of optional feedback for each profile

When you review a profile, feel free to type a few words under “What do you think?” Your feedback will be shown to all sourcers working on the job and may greatly help increase the quality of profiles we send you, as well as help improve our AI.

#2.3 Specify the seniority, function, and industry of the job

When posting a job, tell us about the seniority level you expect to see in the candidates. Specify also the job function and company industry of the job. This will improve the candidate pipeline predictions you see on Visage and help any future ATS integrations.

#2.4 Decide the cadence of automatic outreach emails to candidates

You can now decide when you’d like your emails to candidates to be sent. The first outreach email will be sent immediately, optimizing for the timezone of your candidate. You can decide when you’d like to send your Follow Up 1 and Follow Up 2. Due to GDPR, the last outreach email needs to be at most 30 days after your first email.

#2.5 Tell us if you interviewed or hired a profile to improve reports & pipeline predictions

When you interview or hire a profile, drag and drop the profile to the correct status on the job page. This will feed your User Digest reports and help us improve the candidate pipeline predictions you see for each job. If we know you are interviewing some candidates already, we can better predict how far along you are from reaching your objectives.

#3 Feel focused and efficient

#3.1 Review profiles with high-level information

Review profiles more efficiently with the new profile cards that display high-level information: summary, last two work experiences, last two education, and total years of experience. If you need more information, you can always open the resume.

#3.2 Know when sourcing is ongoing or not, and stop sourcing if you need to

Use the Sourcing panel on the top left of each job page to see if sourcing is ongoing or not. We will tell you how many profiles you can expect to get and by when. Should your needs change, just toggle off and stop sourcing. We will refund you the unused profiles. If you’d like to ask for more profiles, you can always toggle back on!

#3.3 Visualize your candidate pipeline and drag & drop profiles to update their status

Scroll left and right on the job page to see all the candidates you have in your pipeline. If you need to update the status of a profile, easily drag and drop the profile to the correct list. You can always click on profile names to remember details about them, and you can update the status of the profile from this detail view as well.

#3.4 Add your profile picture

Add a profile picture in your Settings, and ask your teammates to do the same! This will help you easily identify the owner of each job and collaborate better with your team.

#3.5 Navigate in the app more easily

Use the left navigation menu to navigate easily to your Homepage with your list of jobs, to Search for candidates inside the app, to see and update your Settings, or visit the Help Center. In your Settings, you can see and update your subscription, team, profile, sourcing, and engagement settings.

#3.6 Visit our Help Center

We have expanded our Help Center with much more information about succeeding with Visage. Scroll through our various articles, and should you need any help, contact us using the online chat on the bottom right!


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