When posting a job on Visage, you’ll be prompted to fill out 6 key areas of information.

  1. Details

  2. Location

  3. Candidate Qualifications

  4. Company Restrictions

  5. Objectives

  6. Selecting a Sender

  7. Outreach

  8. Start Sourcing


The details section is where you’ll fill in information about the open position, including job title, seniority level, employment type, industry, and job description. The job description can easily be copied and pasted from a document or your ATS. Sourcers will rely on job descriptions and details to provide the best profiles for your position.


Use the location section to input information about where the job is, and the geographic areas the Visage sourcers should target. You’re able to add multiple sourcing locations, and can adjust the radius around cities to be as specific or broad as you like.

Candidate Qualifications

Candidate qualifications encompass the years of experience, types of experiences, degrees, or skills a candidate is required to possess to be successful in the role. You will be asked to separate your must-haves from nice-to-haves.

Company Restrictions

Company restrictions is where you will list any companies or organizations that you are not allowed to target candidates from. Visage AI will automatically block any profiles sourced from those companies. You are also able to set the company restrictions in your Profile settings page. This will automatically populate the list for all new job postings.


The Objectives section is where you tell us about your hiring goals. Visage AI will use that information to estimate the number of profiles you’ll need to source, review, and contact in order to meet your objectives. As you move candidates through your pipeline, these numbers will adjust and let you know how you are pacing towards your goals.


Engagement is where you customize the Sender, the content and frequency of the candidate outreach emails.

Selecting a Sender

The Sender can be any active user in your account. You may want to select a Sender other than yourself if

  • You have someone supporting you on your job, and you'd like your supporter to contact candidates and receive their replies instead of you.

  • You prefer to contact candidates from another user's address such as your Hiring Manager or your team leader because you believe candidates will be more likely to open the emails and/or reply to them.

  • You are out of office for a number of days and you'd like your colleague to engage with your candidates in the meantime.

Once you or a teammate decides to contact a candidate, the emails will be sent from and be received by the Sender's email address. The name, last name and email signature displayed in the candidate emails will be that of the Sender. Learn more about this feature here.


The default email frequency is 3 emails over the course of 5 days. You can change these settings. Visage recommends sending at least 2 emails in order to increase the open and reply rates. Remember, these profiles have not been contacted yet.

You are able to adjust the cadence of the email outreach anywhere within a 30 day window. This is to remain GDPR compliant.

Visage will provide email templates, but you’ll want to personalize these emails with enticing information about the job and company.

Start Sourcing

Once you complete all sections of the job posting, you can hit "Start Sourcing"!

  • If you have a Platform subscription (the ability to upload your own profiles), you will be taken to the job page where you can start adding your own profiles and ask for Crowd profiles any time via toggling the Crowd Sourcing button "on".

  • If you don't have a Platform subscription and you use Visage only for Crowd sourcing, the moment you hit "Start Sourcing", we will automatically sourcing your calibration batch of 10 profiles.

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