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How Do I Spend Profiles and Track Spending?
How Do I Spend Profiles and Track Spending?

Understanding your Visage subscription.

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What is a profile?

A profile is a passive candidate submitted to your job for your consideration. It can be submitted by the Visage Crowd Sourcers or by you & your team.

How does profile spending work for Crowd and Platform?

Your Visage Crowd subscription allows your team to receive up to a certain number of profiles each month/year/for once.

Your Visage Platform subscription, if you have one, allows your team to upload & contact unlimited profiles on unlimited jobs.

How do I request or stop Crowd Sourcing?

On the job page, you can request a batch of Crowd profiles by toggling the sourcing button to "on." This initiates a sourcing request for 20 profiles, which will automatically be subtracted from your monthly subscription. Your calibration batch (first batch) on a job is always 10 profiles.

On the job page, you can also track the progress of your sourcing request, and pause sourcing at any time by toggling the sourcing button to "off." As soon as you toggle the sourcing button to "off," any outstanding profiles in the batch will be credited back to your account.

After reviewing new profiles, you can modify your search, give feedback to your recruiters, and request a new batch of profiles. πŸ™‚
Every new request for more sourcing will take another 20 profiles from your account balance.Β 

What if Visage Crowd Sourcers don't find as many candidates as requested?

Sometimes, not enough candidates match your requirements. Instead of sourcing for candidates that are not suitable, Visage Crowd Sourcers will contact you in the job chat with suggestions on how to update the search in order to continue building your pipeline.

Where can I see my Crowd profile balance?

Navigate to Settings > Subscription.

Need to top up your profiles in order to source more? Reach out to .

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