We have come across a FREE website called SourceHub that helps you build Boolean search strings. SourceHub – SocialTalent is an AI (Artificial intelligence) featured Boolean search strings generator tool. It also has some other great features that can help make your life as a recruiter that little bit easier.

If you use Linkedin & Resume Database, you will know all about Boolean Search. But with all of the rules around using brackets, AND, OR and commas do you really have the time to build these search strings? In fact, do you even understand them?

Getting Started:

  • First type in the job-title. Keep this to the precise title and ideally no more than 3 words.
  • Then add any skills you may be looking for. If you want to add multiple skills you can use a comma, click return, or tab between skills. If there isn’t anything specific you are looking for you can leave this blank.
  • Finally, enter the location. If you are not looking in a specific location, you can again leave this box blank. Hit Go!

Defining the Results:

  • For the purpose of this search, I have used the job title of Customer Service Representative, left the skills section blank and used the location of San Francisco. You must remember this is a computer, so you may need to tweak the results slightly. However, it does the majority of the hard work for you.
  • The AI (Artificial intelligence) has looked at the words of your job title and split them into 2 sections, then looked at synonyms. Again, because this is a computer, there could be some words which are not relevant to your search. If so just click the x on the word to remove it from the list. Any that you want to add that haven’t been listed you can add these in here. 
  • This job title section is also a great tool to use to help you look for alternative job titles when writing your adverts!

Boolean Search String:

  • Once you are happy with the chosen synonyms, scroll down the page and click save search. This will then create the Boolean search string.
  • Now you have the search string you can copy it to your clipboard and use this to search on LinkedIn and Jobboard Resume Database.

Above the search string you will see a list of icons including LinkedIn and social media sites.If you click on one of these icons it will run the Boolean search for you on your chosen website. This is really great feature, isn't it?

Happy Sourcing!! 

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