Please refer for to the information page on Performance Monitoring, which highlights the key performance areas we will review on a weekly basis. 

Each week, we will monitor:

  1. Client declined rate (DQs) is below the company threshold (Not Quite Right <25%, Totally Irrelevant <5%)
  2. Bad Batch Ratings 

During your first few weeks as a new Community Sourcer, we will work with you to ensure your performance arrives at the expected level. Once achieved, you will be expected to maintain these levels throughout. 

If we see a continuous drop in performance acceptance rate or, deliberately ignoring clear client instructions (such as low TI ratings or low NQR ratings) then the following steps will be taken: 

1st strike: official warning
Final strike: Account Suspended indefinitely 

Consistent bad batch ratings are taken more seriously. In every case, we will review the bad batch.
If it has been deemed that a high level of "totally irrelevant" submissions or "not quite right" occurred with complete disregard the job requirements, then a final warning will be issued and will lead to the suspension of the Community Sourcer's account. This is required as sometimes, the relationship with the client can be irreversibly damaged by such occurrences.  

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