As a new Recruiting Sourcer, you will be paid hourly for submitting qualified candidates. You can work when you want, where you want and can earn great money, paid to you each week. 

For this, we do expect you to maintain a certain level of time and quality, for which you will be measured on a weekly basis. Here's how:


Since you are paid per hour, we expect our Recruiting Sourcers to work at speed, while maintaining a high-standard of profile submission. Therefore, you will be measured each week on your average cost per resume, which is shown in the times section of your dashboard. 

The golden role here is to ensure that your weekly cost per resume is at $1 or below. If you are spending too much time sourcing profiles then your cost per resume will increase. Visage will monitor on a weekly basis and if there is a continuous trend of high cost per resume, action will be taken. 

Tips to decrease cost per resume: 

Only keep your time tracker on during sourcing activities.

Acceptance rate

As well as working efficiently, we expect high quality of submissions and each week, you will be expected to have a client acceptance rate of over 80%. You will only be penalized for DQs deemed by the client to be a bad fit. The rate is shown in the submission page of the dashboard.  

Once again, Visage will monitor on a weekly basis and if there is a continuous trend of acceptance rates below 80% then action will be taken. 

Tips to acceptance rate: 

Only work jobs you are comfortable with
Do not stray from the hard skills requirements
Speak to the Israr or Pat if unsure about the requirements

High DQ rate for a single batch

Visage has an automatic alert system that warns if a client has DQed over 30% of a single batch due to badly fitting profiles. In each case we will review and if deemed to be the fault of the Recruiting Sourcer, action will be taken. 

Please refer to the disciplinary page for details of actions taken for continuous poor performance


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