As a new Community Sourcer, you will be paid a bounty fee of $1 for submitting every qualified candidates. For this, we do expect you to maintain a certain level of quality, for which you will be measured on a weekly basis. Here's how:

Acceptance rate and types of decline rate (DQs) 

When our client's review submissions, they are given the choice to either contact the candidate, save the profile until later on or disqualify. When they choose to disqualify, or DQ, three options are presented: 

  • Already Connected 
  • Not Quite Right 
  • Totally Irrelevant

How the client grades your submissions will affect your weekly DQ rates. You will only be penalized for DQs deemed by the client to be Not quite right or Totally irrelevant. You can view your profile grading in the submission page of the dashboard.

Each week, you will be expected to keep your DQs rates below for the following levels: 

  • Not Quite Right: below 25% 
  • Totally Irrelevant: below 3.5% 

Every Wednesday, Visage will publish you a weekly sourcing report. Here, it will detail your DQ rates. If your DQ rates are higher than the acceptable level then further action will be taken in line with our poor performance policy.

Tips on achieving high acceptance rate: 

  • Only work jobs you are comfortable with
  • Do not stray from the hard skills requirements 
  • Speak to the SuperRecruiter Channel on slack if unsure about the requirements
  • Always read all details on the job description
  • Check the communication channel to see the updates from the clients and what our community reported as challenges

Bad Batch Ratings 

After reviewing each batch of candidates, the client will be asked to grade the quality of the batch. If the batch rating is a negative one, (dissatisfied or very dissatisfied) then the Visage QA team will investigate. If they uncover poor sourcing or high levels of Totally irrelevant and Not quite right submissions then the Community Sourcer will be contacted to discuss what took place. 

Please refer to the poor performance policy for details of actions taken for continuous poor performance


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